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Mauldin's Flowers is a florist in McIntosh NM. Going Back To Our Roots. History of the Tradition of Flower Giving. Have an anniversary coming soon? Give them flowers! Don't have a gift for your friend's birthday? Grab a bouquet of their favorite flowers! Want to comfort your loved one but don't know how? Flowers will do the trick! Giving bouquets as a present has been consistent through diverse times and cultures. But when exactly did it start? In this article, we explore the history of the practice of flower giving. We'll see how it developed through history and spread around the world. Finally, we learn why this tradition was so important in the Victorian Era. We see how almost everyone knew exactly the meanings and messages flowers held. For a crash course on the language of flowers, take a look at our next article!


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Interested in a formal course? Want to get certified as an expert on all things floral? We encourage you to look into organizations that offer programs in floristry, such as: American Institute of Floral Designers ( Society of American Florists ( American Floral Endowment ( Flowers and Gift-Giving Traditions. The origins of gifting flowers go back to the time of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and the Roman Empire. These three societies often used flowers in religious customs. They based their private use of flowers on their beliefs. The Greeks used them as props for plays. They also made them into decoration for ceremonies. Later, they began exchanging flowers to show love towards one another. Societies throughout history have kept the practice of gifting flowers. During the Middle Ages, people from Turkey produced the first list of meanings for flowers. This later spread throughout the world. Other cultures adapted these to their customs and beliefs.

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The Victorian Era and Flowers. People from the Victorian Era are often known for being at the height of elegance. But did you know they used flowers to convey deep, unsaid feelings towards one another? At that time, people were getting more into gardening and flower care. They sought to grow robust, beautiful flowers. They also grew new flower species. The flowers, in turn, acted as a form of communication. It relayed messages between lovers, friends, loved ones, and even acquaintances. Flowers showed sentiments ranging from "I love you", to "I treasure you, dear friend", to "I'm sorry". They played a vital role in how Victorian-era citizens made their feelings known. See, Victorian people thought that stating how you feel was tacky. So they adapted the list of flower meanings back in the Middle Ages. Then, they worked these into how they engaged with each other. This even extended to romances! Courting was usually done through exchanges of flowers. Some groups even came up with alternative meanings to flowers. They did this to communicate in secret, hidden from prying eyes. Not long after, most people knew what every flower and floral arrangement meant. They could hold an entire conversation without saying a single word.

Here is a quick compilation of various species and their meanings. This also consists of variants from the colors they come in. Aloe - bitterness, healing, protection Amaryllis - worth beyond beauty Angelica - inspiration Anthurium - hospitality, abundance Aster - love, daintiness Begonia - beware, warning Bird of Paradise - magnificence, joyfulness Dahlia - dignity, pomp, beautiful bouquet, flowers boutique, send flowers, ordered flowers Daisy - innocence, hope Forget-me-not - memories of true love Gardenia - secret love, purity Gerbera - cheerfulness Hydrangea - heartfelt emotions, gratitude, sometimes frigidity and heartlessness Orchid - exotic beauty, mature charm, glorious femininity Peony - bashfulness, compassion, sometimes shame and indignity Sunflower - purity, adoration, dedication, rustic wranglers flowers Camellia Red - "You're a flame in my heart" White - "You're adorable" Pink - "Longing for you" Carnation Red - love, pride, "my heart aches for you" Pink - "I'll never forget you", mother's love Purple - capriciousness, erratic Yellow - disdain, rejection White - innocence, agape (unconditional love), "sweet and lovely" Striped - refusal Chrysanthemum Red - love White - truth, loyalty/fidelity Yellow - jealousy, wounded love Daffodil - rebirth, chivalry, eternal life Single - misfortune Bunch - joy and happiness Hyacinth Red or Pink - playfulness Blue - constancy White - loveliness Purple - sorrow Yellow - jealousy, infidelity Iris Purple - wisdom, compliments Blue - faith, hope Yellow - passion White - purity Lilac Field - charity White - humility, youthful innocence Purple - first love Lily Lily of the Valley - sweetness, purity of heart Easter - Virgin Mary White - modesty, chastity Yellow - gaiety Orange - passion Rose White - purity, innocence, a fresh start Red - passion, "I love you" Deep crimson- mourning Pink - grace and gentleness Yellow - jealousy and infidelity Orange - desire, enthusiasm Lavender - love at first sight Coral pink - friendship, sympathy Tulip Red - passion, declaration of love Yellow - "There's sunshine in your smile" Violet White - innocence Purple - love, affection The practice of flower giving became very popular. Soon enough, people started using bouquets to send specific messages to people. Even the way that the person presented the floral gift became part of their message. This tradition carried on (of course with less dramatic quality) throughout history.

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Are you in the McIntosh, New Mexico area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in McIntosh, New Mexico. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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Arrangement and Presentation. Flowers gave people a very exquisite means of communicating. Suitors used them when trying to charm the object of their affections. Friends used them to give condolences to a grieving family. Now, people also gift flowers to celebrate their loved ones' birthdays and achievements. We've gone over the various meanings that a species' various colors may express. Now, we take a closer look into the specifics of arrangement and presentation. We also get to know how they may amplify or change the message that we want to send. Here is a terrific example. Suitors usually used tulips, roses and carnations to confess their love. Women answered one of two ways. Some gave the suitor yellow carnations to express disdain and rejection. Some were more reserved and responded to their suitor with how they gave a bouquet. Giving with the right hand meant "yes", while the left hand meant "no". Additionally, the presentation and state of the bouquet added meaning to the present. For example - presenting the arrangement upside down. This signified that the giver meant the opposite of what the flowers typically meant. Another example is the angle of the ribbon joining the arrangement together. The meaning applied to the giver if the ribbon pulled to the left. The symbolism symbolized the recipient if it went to the right. Left: Language of Flowers, from Exquisite Banana; Right: What does your arrangement mean? From Pinterest List of Flowers, Bouquets, and their Meanings As we've learned, flower meanings have grown and developed over time. Today, they continue to be vital in our relationships and how we express ourselves.


McIntosh, New Mexico

McIntosh is a census-designated place in Torrance County, New Mexico, United States. Its population was 1,484 as of the 2010 census. McIntosh has a post office with ZIP code 87032, which opened on August 28, 1906.New Mexico State Road 41 passes through the community. McIntosh, New Mexico coordinates at 34°51′53″N 106°03′06″W.

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